Backgrounds & Add-ons

Options available:

  • 3 types of backgrounds

  • Add-ons (props, creatures, alternative versions, designs & process)


"A" Type: BASIC

Basic shapes and/or effects. 
A transparent version of your request

will also be sent.

All digital illustrations


"B" Type: SIMPLE

More elaborate than "A" backgrounds,

but is kept simple: shapes/effects/a simple sky, etc.

For digital commissions:

Sketches & Chibis





Shows the immediate surroundings of the character, involving perspective. Price increases with the amount of props, detail and the size of

the visible area.

For digital commissions:

Sketches or Chibis

Cell Illustration

Mix Illustration




Cell Illustration


Accessories, alternative versions, designs & process


Instruments, props, creatures & side-kicks

If there is an item that interacts with the characters/is on the same plane and needs to be detailed, it becomes an accessory. The cost of accessories goes from USD10 to USD100+, the price varies greatly depending on the complexity of the prop and the type of illustration.
Some examples of accessories would be chairs/sofas/beds and other places for characters to lounge/interact with. Any type of animal that is up to half of the size of a regular character also counts as an accessory. 
Having another character appear partially in the foreground or background may also counts as a prop.  


Faces, outfits, etc.

It is possible to have extra versions for your commission. This may consist of different faces, gestures, poses alterations or even a whole new outfits (or a damaged one, if you know what I mean). 
The cost varies with the request, but as a general guide:

  • 25% for each extra face

  • 30% for each extra hair-do (may vary according to hair length)

  • 40% for outfit alterations

  • 50% for each entirely new outfit

* Percentages are taken out of the commission type's full body price, and may vary.

A color variant can be made for free (let me know in advance)


For characters without visual reference

If the character requested does not have a visual reference, there will be an extra charge of starting at USD10 depending on the type of commission and design specifications.


For character design and character reference sheets, contact me at 


Sketches, WIPs & Step-by-Step GIF process

If you would like to have the full size sketch or lineart for your commission, or access to a step-by-step process image, you just need to ask. It is entirely free of charge; but do ask for this in the early stages of your request, otherwise those files may no longer be available.


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