ORIGINAL Stalkink (Inktober 2018) illustrations!

Days #22 to #31


Digital download of the complete collection available here. 


One of a kind, ink on DELETER Sketch Book B5 380 paper. Please look at the original pictures before your purchase, as there are some imperfections and differences between the posted versions and the original art. The photos uploaded were not edited (except for the cropping and watermark).


★ Every 2 pieces from "STALKINK2019" you purchase, you get one from "STALKINK2018" for free (same or lower value); specify which one(s) you'd like at check-out.





Currently available:

#22 Cat socks

#23 Delicious Flat Chest

#24 Strawberry cheesecake

#25 Beauty Mark

#26 Dishonest pout -sold out-

#27 Smug smile -sold out-
#28 Sharp Fangs

#29 Ponytail -sold out-

#30 Armpit

#31 Happy Tears


Click here for days #1 to #11
Click here for days #12 to #21


Orders will be shipped via Japan post in a padded envelope from Tokyo, Japan.


STALKINK2018 - Originals (#22-#31)

Select a drawing
  • These are original one-of-a-kind artworks. The scans were edited before posting, so there may be imperfections/marks that are only visible on the original copies. Please take that in mind when purchasing. Thank you!

  • Please go back to the main shop page, hover on the item you want, and click "QUICK VIEW" in order to zoom in on the pictures. 



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