Digital Patreon reward pack for term #046 (DEC20 - December 2020) by StalkingP ✨


Limited edition stickers & postcards available (once sold out they won't be reprinted)

🎁 Contents: [in a ZIP file]

  • 10 full color digital artworks + variants
  • 2 traditional art pieces/sketches (350DPI scan)
  • 1 erocute artwork variant + its variants
  • 1 layered CSP file (high res)
  • Sketches for the term
  • Gifs & Process of artwork

All illustrations will be in either Full Resolution (100%, marked as "FULL" in 350DPI) or in High Resolution (50%-60% of full size in 350DPI, "HIGH"). Commissions cap at 50%.
Illustrations marked as "Erocute" are available uncensored via pay-per-view only (Patreon, Gumroad, digital downloads, books, etc). They content suggestive/slightly erotic content, but no nudity

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Thank you! 💕



Characters and franchises featured in this pack:

Boku no hero Academia/My Hero Academia - Himiko Toga
Senran Kagura - Yagyū & Asuka

To LOVE-Ru - Lala Satalin Deviluke
Pokémon - Lillie/Lilie

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko - Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko

The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls - Ichinose Shiki

My original character "Romina"

Super Mario Bros - "Bowsette" (Bowser genderbend)

Yumekui Merry - Merry Nightmare

Genshin Impact - Barbara
Kanokon - Chizuru Minamoto (Fox form)


DEC20 - Artwork pack #046

  • No commercial use allowed.