Original title: まほうちょうちょうロミナ

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"Magical Butterfly Romina" (renewal ver.)


Bug-loving Romina's brother teasing leads to something out of this world! Enjoy Romina's transformation in this sweet short story. Story & art by StalkingP.

This is the 1st Romina one-shot.

Copies originally sold at Comiket 94 (August 12th, 2018) sold out, this is the 2nd print (with a new cover!).

Second print selling date: August 25th 2019 (COMITIA 129)


B5 size

22 pages total

Color covers, monochrome comic

This comic is printed in Japanese.


Bonus with your purchase: Postcard (see last images)
The bonus postcard is available for sale individually here


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Magical Butterfly Romina (renewal)


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