Original comic "Maiden in Love, Kotone" (恋をすることね), chapter one, physical book printed in Japanese. 

English and Spanish translations coming soon in digital form!



Humanity is growing emotionless, making the job of Purus Angelus - the angels of love - quite hard. They are in the midst of a crisis, looking for a way to thaw the cold hearts of people and make them fall in love... But what happens if an inexperienced angel shoots an arrow to an unexpecting target?
This is the story of Purus Angelus Camila, Purus Angelus Tangerine, and the efficiency-driven human girl Kotone. 



Full color glossy covers, monochrome comic.

Original title: 恋をすることね -Chapter 1-

Print Size: B5

Page count: 40 pages back-to back (33 comic/story pages)

Original release: 2021-06-06 (COMITIA136)



This comic will be available to read for free online (low resolution).

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Maiden in Love, Kotone -Chapter 1- (book)