Original Stalkink2020 drawings, one of each available. First come, first served

Drawn on 209g Nagatoya Kent paper (B5, 257x182mm) using multiliners, shaded with NEOPIKO alcohol markers. Accents made with white acrylic and gel-pen.
The pictures are samples and may differ slightly from the artwork in real life.
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#21 Grant - Kotone, Tangerine & Camila- sold out-
#22 Belly - Sofía
#23 Aim - Tangerine
#24 Treasure - Camila
#25 Loot - Romina - sold out-
#26 Service - Kotone- sold out-​​​​​​​

#27 Lesson - Camila & Tangerine

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These pieces are also available on Pixiv BOOTH (JP only); sales will take place in a first come, first served basis.


STALKINK2020 - Originals (#21 to #27)