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Art supplies: Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop & XP-Pen tablet (Artist 15.6 Pro)
Born in: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Living in: Japan
Birthday: January 23rd
Languages: Español, English, 日本語
Beliefs: Christian


Fun facts:
Cats are my favorite animal, I love the colors orange and navy blue. I love dungeon crawlers, puzzles and turn-based games. I am really bad at most sports but enjoy them.

Oh, and StalkingP is short for "Stalking-Pantsu", not Stalking Producer!

A little backstory
I have been drawing digitally since 2007, got my first tablet at around 2008, and started studying Comic Design at a local university in 2011. I quit in 2013 in order to focus on my collectibles shop (2012-2016) in Argentina, and got married in 2014. The time I dedicated to my art those years is less than I would have wanted, but those decisions allowed my husband and I to move abroad.
I switched back to drawing in 2016, moved to Japan in early 2017 and started my doujinshi circle "NE・NAS" in 2018. I have been focusing on my art ever since!

My objectives:
Right now I want to focus on bettering my work and showing it to the world. I will be getting involved in more art events locally and putting out more goodies as time goes by. 
If you'd like to support me, I welcome you to follow, like and share my work online! For those of you who want to support me financially, you can do it by purchasing items on my shop, joining my Patreon/Pixiv Fanbox or commissioning me. Whatever you do, it's appreciated! 

Thank you for joining me on my journey ☆

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