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  • Please make sure to read this page thoroughly before sending a request.

  • You can claim a 5%-10% discount if you are supporting me via Patreon or Pixiv Fanbox at the time you make your request. These discounts are cumulative.

  • Prices depicted on this website are for personal use artwork only. Commercial use is available; contact me for royalty information.

  • Please credit when sharing my work (mentioning "StalkingP" or linking/tagging any of my active social media accounts is okay).

  • Please refrain from reposting my work to websites that are meant for artists to publish their own work, such as deviantART or Pixiv. Commissioners posting their orders are an exception to this rule, provided they don't claim creation of the image/design.

  • All personal use commissions will also be available on the current month's Patreon/Fanbox rewards and for sale to interested third parties at 50% of the full resolution (unless the client authorizes full size redistribution). Making your commission unavailable for third parties in high resolution (including Patreon) has a 25% recharge. Making it completely private (not posted or shared anywhere) has a 50% recharge.

  • I only take Digital Art commissions at the moment. Currently


LAST UPDATE: 2019.10.23

Terms of Use

+ Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a commission?

When an artist creates a custom piece of art for a client, that is a commission. In my case, the art in question is digital illustrations in my anime-inspired stylization.

  • Would you draw X setting for me?

These are my criteria:

✔️ Female & average/small build male characters 
✔️ Slightly suggestive content (no exposed nipples or genitalia; ask if unsure)

✔️ Partial armor and simple weaponry
✔️ Kemonomimi (animal ears + tail)

✔️ Small animals (cats, dogs, birds, and other small creatures)
✔️ Mild fetishes, to my discretion (accepted examples: tickling, foot fetish, mild bondage, food play, gore)

❌ Buff/large build male characters
❌ Weapon, machinery or mecha centered art
❌ Furries (I understand this is an spectrum, do feel free to ask if unsure whether or not your request qualifies)

❌ Very large creatures/animals (animals are a case by case basis, ask me)
❌ Yuri/Yaoi
❌ Political or controversial topics (ask if unsure)

❌ Witchcraft/Satanic symbolism

❌ Drugs/alcohol portrayed in a positive manner
❌ Inflation, lactation and other extreme fetish-centered art

I reserve the right to decline your request should it be against my comfort, moral, and spiritual values
Don not hesitate to ask if you are unsure.




  • What is the Waiting List (WL)?

I can only work on so many commissions at a time, and the Waiting List (WL) exists to give further commissioners the chance to reserve a slot ahead of time. Commissioners can also willingly choose to be in the WL rather than the current active commission list if they desire more time to think about/pay their request without losing their spot.  
A minimum of 20% of the agreed price is required upfront in order to be placed in the WL.
Commissions price updates will not apply to clients on the waiting list, unless there are changes on the request or the client requests a further spot. Please note that once in the WL, you cannot request for future sales/discounts to be applied to your arranged price.

  • How much of the total do I have to pay for you to start working/finish my commission?

A minimum of 20% is required to be placed on the Waiting list. 
A minimum of 50% is required to start working and advance up to the final sketch phase. 
100% of the payment is required to go beyond the lineart phase. 
Please note that Color Sketches need to be paid in full (100%) in order to begin working.


  • Which payment methods do you accept?

As of now I accept the following:
Paypal (no extra fees)

Stripe (no extra fees)
deviantART points (1USD = 120 points)
Cash (JPY only) at local events I table at in Tokyo (check my event schedule here).


  • Can I request changes to the commission?

Of course! There is no extra charge as long as there is no excessive amount of "big changes". Small/detail changes are free as long as they aren't abused.

  • BIG CHANGES: Changing the pose, outfit, big elements in the composition/background, etc.

  • SMALL/DETAIL CHANGES: Modifying colors hues, small tweaks, etc.

If the change is a correction rather than a modification, it will always be free (example: I forgot to add a beauty mark, a tail, or an important accessory, provided it was mentioned in the request or present in the reference).
Abuse/excessive changes of any nature may result in an extra fee.

  • How big will my commission be?

All commission types have an estimation in the description, which can fit 1-3 characters. I would recommend requesting a bigger canvas if 4+ characters are to be present. Price will be increased if the client requests a bigger canvas than the standard (see commission types).

I can work with a specific canvas size/proportion if required, just let me know in advance. 

  • How long will it take to finish my commission?

The process usually takes from 1-30 days from the moment I start working depending on the complexity and ongoing projects. Should your commission take over 30 days, I will do my best to let you know in advance and explain the situation to you. 
Please note that those 1-30 days do not include the response time from the client, should feedback be necessary.

  • Can you finish my commission by X date?

Please do let me know if you are working on a deadline the moment you make your request. Note that there may be a fee (at least 10-20%+) if it is too tight or if it requires to give you priority over other clients/projects. 


  • Can I remain private/anonymous?

Yes. Remaining as an anonymous commissioner has no extra charge (do let me know when making your request)
Having your commissioned artwork be unavailable in high resolution (50% of original size) on Patreon or to other third parties has a 25% recharge. This only applies to personal use work, as commercial use commissions are not made available in high resolution to any party besides the client.
Full resolution (100%) is usually only available for the client, but may be available to third parties provided the client's authorization. Rest assured I will not redistribute your commissioned work in full resolution without your authorization. 


If you want your request to be completely private (not posted or shared in any resolution to any of my social media) there is a 50% recharge (25% for commercial use work).

Requesting your commission to not be made public on my social media until a certain date (in case it's a present or the like, or for any reason) has no extra charge; let me know at the time you make your request so I can comply.


  • Do you do commercial work?

Yes. All prices depicted on this website are for personal use only. If you are going to be using your art commercially, do let me know in advance so that we can set the royalties. 
The cost starts from +100% of the commission price for small projects. Royalty fees (revenue percentages and/or revenue payment in advance also available) can be discussed for larger scale projects. Each request is different; please contact me for further details. Commercial use work is not sold or made available on Patreon or to third parties in higher resolution. Unless otherwise requested, it will be posted in low resolution on my social media. Sharing can be delayed if requested (no extra charge; view previous point for details). 


  • What is the difference between personal and commercial use?

Prices depicted on this website are for personal use only. That means you can do whatever you want with your commission as long as it does not make any revenue. 
Some examples of personal use:
* Using the artwork as profile pictures/banners for your personal social media (includes not monetized and/or small Youtube/Twitch accounts, and similar). 
* Printing posters, badges or the like for your personal use or as gifts. 
* Sharing and reposting the work you purchased in your social media (always with credit, please)

Commercial use means that one way or the other, the artwork commissioned provides revenue. 
Some examples of commercial use:
* Advertisement: this includes but is not limited to profile pictures, banners and the such for businesses or professional accounts. This includes monetizable Youtube accounts and other similar platforms)
* Reselling and/or distribution of the artwork, either in exchange for money or other goods/services
* Including it in merchandise, books, etc.

I reserve the right to take legal action should my artwork be used commercially without my consent.

  • Do you draw original characters/fanart?

I can work with any type of character within my criteria at no extra charge as long as a visual reference is provided. Some fanart characters may not be available due to strict licensing laws (Example: Disney).

  • Can you draw without a visual reference?

Character design costs are a case-by-case basis. Contact me at for free consultation.

  • Can I cancel/get a refund?

If you still have not paid, then you are free to cancel without further consequences (unpaid slots aren't saved for over 36 hours)
If you have paid but I have yet to start working on it, you get 100% of what you paid back.
If I am sketching your commission, you are only entitled to the second half of the payment (provided you paid over 50% and the request is not a "color sketch". Color sketches are non-refundable once I begin working).
If I have reached the lineart stage, there will be no refund. 

I reserve the right to cancel any commission at any given time, following the same refund patterns as a client cancellation. 

Repeated cancellations (after payment) may result in black-listing. The client will be warned before this sort of action is taken.

Was your question left unanswered? Send it via the contact form or e-mail me at


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