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StalkingP's yearly "Draw my OC Contest" (click here to see last year's contest)
Entries accepted until January 31st 2020 at midnight JST. 


Follow StalkingP on at least one of the following social medias:


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pixiv
  • deviantART
  • Instagram


Draw/Paint a piece featuring at least one of the eligible original characters. Make sure it follows the submission rules.


Upload your entry to at least one of the 5 social medias mentioned on step 1, tag StalkingP's account on that site, add the hashtag #StalkingPContest2020 and link back to the contest:


Fill in the form at the bottom of this page to make sure your entry is registered in the contest. 



USD$ 100

Sent via Paypal

Custom art request

1 Character full body Mix Illustration with simple background by StalkingP; delivered within 6 months


USD$ 80

Sent via Paypal

Custom art request

1 Character full body Standard Cell Illustration with simple background by StalkingP; delivered within 6 months


USD$ 60

Sent via Paypal

Custom art request

1 Character full body Cell Semi-chibi with basic background by StalkingP; delivered within 6 months



USD$ 30

Sent via Paypal

Custom art request

1 Character full body Color Sketch with basic background or a Cell Semi-chibi icon by StalkingP; delivered within 12 months

RANDOM PRIZES (up to 10 winners)

Custom art request

1 Character bust Color Sketch with basic background by StalkingP; delivered within 12 months

※ 1 random prize will be awarded every 20 entries

PARTICIPATION PRIZE (all contestants)

Commission discount (5%)

5% off a single personal use commission requested throughout 2020 (advance reservations included) to StalkingP.
Store discount (10%)

10% off a single purchase at (includes both digital and physical goods). Each contestant will get a unique, single-use discount code valid throughout 2020.


This contest will run until January 31th 2020 at 23:59hrs JST (Japanese Standard Time). Be sure to check how that corresponds to your local timezone.

No entries will be accepted from February 1st 2020 at 00:01hrs JST on. There will be no extensions.


Judging will be done by StalkingP, taking into account the following:

  • Character accuracy (visual and attitudinal)

  • Originality

  • Execution

The results will be announced the first week of February 2020; the announcement will be shared in all of my Social Media. On top of that, each winner will be contacted privately and given instructions as how to claim their prizes. You may choose to be notified of results when registering your entry.





  • Up to 3 entries per person. You may update your entry so long as you send an updated form before the deadline.

  • Entries are to be in any sort of visual drawn/painted media: Drawings in digital (pixel art and animations are also accepted), traditional and/or mixed media (any technique! Just be sure to scan/photograph it properly), all skill levels welcome as long as it's a finished piece (no drafts/sketches). No minimum size canvas.

  • The artwork created must be made for this contest; no artwork created before December 1st will be accepted.

  • Collab entries are accepted, but the prize money will be sent to a single account, and all artists participants must come to an agreement for the art prize as well.

The following elements are NOT accepted in entries:

  • Including additional characters

  • Non-visual media (such as literature)

  • Cosplay/photography/crafts

  • NSFW themes (blatantly sexual content, exposed nipples or genitalia, etc)

  • Yuri - All characters are heterosexual

  • Genderbending - All characters are to be presented as females

  • Excessive changes to the characters apparent ethnicity/body build

If an artwork goes against any rules or regulations, the contestant(s) will be notified and advised of the steps to take in order to qualify.



Draw/paint 1 or more of the following characters in your entry; do not include characters not mentioned.

You may make any combination of characters you wish, but do take into account that they belong to different stories: Romina is from one universe, while Kotone, Camila & Tangerine belong to another. They would never be able to meet, but you can still draw them together for the contest. 

You are also free to alter/design outfits, hairstyles and scenarios of your own, if you so choose to.

General fanart tag: #StalkingP_fanart (not mandatory)


  • 11 years old (human, Argentinian), 148cm tall, average build.
Notes: has two little cowlicks on top of her bangs (except in butterfly form). Usually has band-aids on her knees from falling.
Personality: Sporty, sensitive, hard-worker and overall well-behaved. Innocent and playful, she just wants everyone to get along
Favorite food: Anything homey. Eats all her vegetables.
Favorite colors: Blue and green

Likes: the outdoors/anything nature, sports, mom's homemade meals
Dislikes: dark places, teasing, staying still

Fanart hashtag: #StalkingP_Romina (not mandatory)
Romina sf2.png


  • 16 years old (human, Japanese), 165cm tall, small build.
Notes: easily flustered/confused, her cheeks get flushed and her eyes spiral.
Personality: Tidy, orderly, more curious than she'd like to admit. Has a hard time understanding her own emotions. Very shy and reserved; favors conservative yet feminine clothing.
Favorite food: Anything spicy and flavorful
Favorite colors: Navy blue, purple, lilac

Likes: Routine, tidiness, secretly seeks thrills
Dislikes: Heights, dirt, being surprised/loud noises, being late

Fanart hashtag: #StalkingP_Kotone (not mandatory)
SF Kotone A.png


  • Non-human (late teens appearance), 167cm tall, curvy build.
Notes: she has three cowlicks coming from her head, she's rarely seen without her big red bow. Wings and halo are optional.
Personality: Bubbly, positive and hard-working. Talks a lot, tries to avoid looking sexy, believes there is good in everyone.
Favorite food: Sweets & cakes
Favorite colors: Teal, anything pastel

Likes: Baking, helping others, math, stationary and romantic novels
Dislikes: the dark, getting dirty, being underestimated, being alone

Fanart hashtag: #StalkingP_Camila (not mandatory)
SF - Camila A.png


  • Non-human (early teens appearance), 145cm tall, petite.
Notes: She tends to wear her hair in two slick side tails, has fangs and pointy ears. Wings and halo are optional.
Personality: Smug, lazy, competitive and mischievous. Acts be sexy/mature, but her ignorance and appearance work against her.
Favorite food: Salty junk
Favorite colors: Black, fuchsia

Likes: Quick fixes, sleeping, horror movies, simple humor/teasing
Dislikes: Dancing, losing at anything, not being taken seriously

Fanart hashtag: #StalkingP_Tangerine (not mandatory)