Slots & Waiting list

Commission status: OPEN


Commissions for the current month. Finished commissions are erased from the list 30 days after completion. I try to finish on a "first come, first served" basis, but simpler requests may be finished earlier. You may request priority over other projects/a slot in an already full month for a fee of 10%-100% extra depending on urgency, schedule rearragements, etc. Priority requests marked with "*".

  1. (Patreon request) "Chibi Stalker" tier Connor Verplank  - [awaiting instructions]

  2. (Patreon request) "Chibi Stalker" tier Connor Verplank - x4 Cell Semi-Chibi [working on]

  3. [Patreon discount] Pohretra - Regular Cell Illustration Half body (3 characters + "A" background) - [finished March 16th]

  4. Frank (GM) - 1 full body color sketch (private request) [finished March 19th]

  5. [Patreon discount] Mager Blutooth - Sketch (13 characters + accessories and props) [finished March 31st]

Waiting List

The waiting list is for ordering in advance or when the current month is full. A down payment of at least 20% is necessary.
Once you enter, your commission price will be frozen until I get to your slot/you are ready to order. Prices will not be frozen for periods longer than 1 month after getting to the client's slot. More information on the F.A.Q.

  1. [OPEN]


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