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Slots & Waiting list

Commission status: Personal commissions closed. Open for commercial commissions only.

Active slots
Commissions I'm currently working on. Finished commissions are erased from the list 30 days after completion. Work is usually done on a "first come, first served" basis, smooth communication and request complexity may shift the order. You may request priority over other projects or the opening of an additional slot for a fee starting at 50% extra depending on urgency, my schedule, etc. Overlap/Priority requests are marked with "*".

  1. William R. (GM) 『ToMS』- finished September 29th -

Slot reservations - currently closed -


E-mail me at StalkingPartwork @ to enter the waiting list. You will be notified when a slot in your desired type of commission (commercial/personal) is available. If there is no reply within 48 hours, I will contact the next client on the list. Commercial commissions have priority over personal commissions.


William R. (GM) 『GA』


Obsidian B. (GM)

MagerBlutooth (GM)

Pohretra (TW) [March 2024 slot interest; 10/10 on]

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